All services are provided in both official languages French and English. 

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Reiki is the Universal Life Force.  Every living being has energy, humans, animals, plants, trees, water and even the earth (rocks, crystals etc).  Reiki is the combination of all these energies and I have been attuned as a conduit for this energy.  Your body has the ability to heal itself.  Reiki energy healing will help you get in touch with your inner healer.  The session is 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.          

$50.00 per session or 3 sessions for $100.

$30.00 for Students/Seniors


Over 30, 000 years, shamans developed a system of healing, using journeying and other practices.

I offer soul reading, soul retrieval, extractions, psychopomp, compassionate Depossession and unraveling of curses.

I also teach beginners and advanced courses in SHAMANISM.  This system of healing has helped people with physical, mental and spiritual traumas.

You will learn to journey to connect with compassionate helping spirits, who will stay with you for as long as you nurture these relationships.

The session may include any of  these services:

Soul Reading, Soul Retrieval, Extractions, Psychopomp, Compassionate Depossession and unravelling curses.

$120.00 per session (up to 1 1/2  hour session)


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Is your KEY to a balanced life.

What Is a Soul Reading?

Soul readings the shamanic way, helps you to tap into the energy of your soul through my compassionate helping spirits in the lower world.  The compassionate helping spirits will show me the Cave of Souls where I will connect with your Soul.  I will be the witness of what your Soul is showing my compassionate helping spirits.  It can show me things from your ancestral past, present and future.

Do I Need a Soul Reading?

If you are feeling “stuck” in life and are not sure what to do, or what course to follow, a soul reading will help you move forward with your healing journey. You require to be open to receiving the information the compassionate helping spirits will provide. Your spirit has the key to your inner potential. It is waiting to turn that key over to you to unlock your best existence and most joyful and fulfilling life.

Only you know if you are ready to move forward. If you are, your Soul will provide the direct revelations and in a metaphorical way.

How Does Soul Reading Work?

The Soul Reading you will receive will be a direct revelation presented in a metaphoric way from your Soul witnessed by my compassionate helping spirits and me.

You will be the scriber.  You will write down everything I will transmit to you via my compassionate helping spirits. I will describe in details everything that my compassionate helping spirits will witness.


30 minutes to 1 hour for $80.

SKYPE sessions available, please email at to make your appointment.